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Workout Plans Are BACK!!

I just bought a whole bunch of resistance bands this week (not the same as the picture above...), and I am SO excited to use them! I now have enough for everyone who comes to my classes!

(.....Insert "evil laugh".....)

Resistance bands are such a cheap and easy way to get in a great workout! You can use them for lower body, upper body, warm-ups, cool-downs, physical therapy, etc. Plus they take up almost NO space to store and cost very LITTLE!

We will be adding in the resistance bands anywhere we can on the workouts this week. Or sometimes we might swap out some of the exercises for a more "band-friendly" exercise. So feel free to be a little creative this week and be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see what we're doing. I should have more time this week to film and post what we're doing (now that my kids will be starting school!!!).

I hope you all are doing well and getting into/back into some sort of normal-ish routine. These are weird times, for sure, but it's really worth it to take care of your body and move it every day.




Tuesday: Tabata #11


Thursday: Sevens #2


Saturday: 30+ Minutes Activity - go do something FUN!!!


Sunday: Take a walk, stretch, and give your body a little break


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