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Workout Plan: Nov 11-17

We're hopping into Week 2 of November! It's crazy that this year is almost over. Even though the holiday season will be beginning soon, we're still hitting our workouts in the gym. We were pleasantly surprised to begin the Tuesday/Thursday HIIT workouts and not be too sore afterwards. That means we've kept up a lot of strength and fitness during the summer! Whew!

This week we're keeping our strength days the same as last week. Focus on performing 6-8 slow reps per exercise, using heavier weights than you would normally use.

I hope you all have a great week and take some time to get your workouts in! Follow along with us and never miss a workout! Be sure to follow me on social media to see what we're doing and take a minute to comment on how the workouts are working for you!



Monday: Lower Body Blast #4 (6-8 slow reps per exercise)


Tuesday: Tabata #1


Wednesday: Upper Body Sculpt #2 (6-8 slow reps per exercise)


Friday: Full Body Burnout #3 (6-8 slow reps per exercise)


Saturday: 30+ min activity of your choice


Sunday: REST & RECOVER - walk, yoga, stretch, roll


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