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Workout Plan: Feb 18-24

This week most of our sessions a little more cardio-heavy to help increase the calorie burn and take off that extra winter layer before the weather warms up. We will still be lifting, but I've chosen workouts that have more cardio in them this week. We are also going to add in resistance bands for as many of the exercises as possible (for those who come to the gym). It has been fun to play around with those. Using resistance bands in lieu of weights (or in combination) has definitely changed things! They are hard! And made us all a little sore. But not too sore.

Always keep your body guessing and you will continue to see results! So, if you have some resistance bands, pull them out and experiment how you can use them in the following workouts!

Here's to a great week!



Friday: Yoga (try this routine from Yoga with Adriene)


Saturday: 30+ min Activity of choice


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