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Workout Plan: Oct 8-14

It's 10 Slow, 10 Fast Protocol this month. And we're feeling it!

For each lifting day (Mon, Wed, Fri), make sure to contract your muscle on a count of 1, give it a nice little squeeze, and release the contraction slowly over 4 counts. After 10, bust out 10 quick (but with good form) reps and then move on to the next exercise.

Oh, baby! Feel da burn! (We sure did!!!)

Enjoy the week and the strength and gains you're getting!



*Set 1: 10 slow/10 fast protocol

*Set 2: 10-12 each leg (Pistol and Sissy Squats)

*Set 3: 10-15 each


Tuesday: Tabata #1


*10 slow/10 fast protocol (except pull-ups- 10 total)


Thursday: Sevens #1


*10 slow/10 fast protocol (except Sprinter Jumps- 20 each leg)


Saturday: 30+ FUN activity of your choice


Sunday: Pilates


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