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Workout Plan: June 12-18

Since summer is here, we're working on maintaining your strength and increasing your cardio a bit.

My favorite way to do this is simply to change the format of the Monday and Wednesday workouts. Instead of performing a full set of 3-4 exercises several times in a row followed by a minute of cardio, we're going to perform 1 exercise and then go straight into 30 seconds of cardio. Then perform the next exercise and repeat the 30-second cardio interval. Continue this pattern all the way through the set and keep repeating it 1-3 times. Then move on to the next set. This is a sure-fire way to build your strength and keep your heart rate up, so you get the benefits of both weight-training and cardio!


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I hope you have a fabulous, fun-filled week!



* We're changing this one up a bit, so after each exercise, do 30 seconds of the cardio interval. This will keep your heart rate up and change the feel of the workout!


Saturday: Play Day! Get outside and do something fun and that you love. For a gym workout, try Torch-er #1.


Sunday: Active Rest Day! Get this Basic Mat Pilates Routine in to strengthen your core and loosen up your legs, back, and hips.


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