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Workout Plan: May 29-June 4

Now that my kids are out of school and race season is here, I focus on cardio (because I love it): running, cycling and swimming. But I also make sure to get in at least 3 strength training sessions per week.

I am still posting a workout for every day of the week, but I will personally only be doing the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workouts. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will probably be outside enjoying the sunshine and nature on a trail somewhere. Time is limited and kids need lots of attention, so do what you can. But ALWAYS plan for a workout for yourself. Your mind, body and spirit will benefit greatly from the endorphins!



Thursday: Sevens #7


Saturday: Do something active outside for at least 30 minutes: walk, run, hike, bike, swim, etc. Or try the Power of 10 #2


Sunday: Active Rest Day! Take a walk or try a Yoga or Pilates routine.


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