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Workout Plan March 20-26

For all of you who know me, I LOVE to run.

Running is my first (fitness) love. It's what I would do every single day if I could without getting injured. It's often the only exercise I do when I travel because it's my way of exploring the new area. Sometimes I'll do an actual gym/bodyweight workout, but I pretty much always run on vacation.

I began running 22 years ago after I gained 25 pounds my freshman year of college. (Yes, do the math; I am 40 and proud to say it!)

I decided after that year that I would never weigh that much again unless I was pregnant. And I have kept that promise to myself. I began by doing run-walk intervals every day, literally 1/10 mile runs at first because that's all I could do. Each day I set a goal to run just a little bit farther and walk just a little less. By the end of the summer I could run for 45 minutes without stopping, and that became my ritual every day. I have no idea how far I ran; I just ran by time.

Eventually I met a friend who challenged me to do a half marathon with her. It scared me a little, but we trained and I did it, without my friend because she decided not to do it! I loved it and I was hooked!

I loved to run and race, and I was decent for not running on any sort of college team. I could usually place in my age group. But after 10 years of running and not strength training, my body began to fall apart. I began to get the dreaded "overuse injuries." In other words, my body was not strong in areas that needed to be strong to support all the running I did.

I began lifting and working with a personal trainer, and I quickly learned that I was definitely weak in certain crucial areas of my body. I soon became a believer in the power and benefit of strength training. Not only did I get stronger, but my body composition changed and I got injured less. It was amazing!!

Strength training is a game changer if you are looking to get fit, strong, change your body shape, get faster, etc. No matter your fitness goals, it will help you achieve those goals. That is why I am so passionate about getting FREE workouts to you every week. I want you to feel confident in your own skin. I want you to know that you CAN get fit and healthy. You'll have to put in the work, but it is possible to lose weight (or gain weight if that is your goal).

So this is the plan for the week. If you are new to my workouts or have limited time, follow the Beginner option and do only 1 round of each set. If you've been "working out with me" for a little while, go ahead and try the Intermediate or Advanced options. The Advanced option usually takes about 50-60 minutes to complete everything if you keep moving and don't take a lot of breaks.

I hope you find success with the workouts. If you like them, please share this site with your family and friends. Also be sure to subscribe to my mailing list here and Like and Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Please feel free to message me if you ever have any comments or questions! I am here to help you in any way I can!




Tuesday: Tabata #7


Thursday: Sevens #4


Saturday: Get outside and do something active today! Run, walk, hike, bike, play a sport, etc. If you need a quick gym workout, try the 100 Countdown. Keep repeating it to get a longer workout!


Sunday: REST DAY! Take a walk or do some Yoga or Pilates. Give your body a little TLC!!!


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