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May 23-29 Workout Schedule

I'm mixing it up a bit this week with a Full Body Workouts, an Ab/Cardio Day, and a Booty/Jump Rope Day!

I really like routines, but I also love to vary my workouts to keep it interesting. I hate boring, predictable routines. Plus, I think your body adapts to what you're doing if you always do the same things. It's easy to get stagnant and complacent.


Tuesday: 30/30 Ball Workout


Wednesday: Power of 10 Workout #1


Thursday: 10 Minute Booty Blaster & 12-Minute Jump Rope Workout


Saturday: 30 minutes of activity, outside if possible (walking, hiking, swimming, running, biking, etc.)


Sunday: 30 minutes of walking or yoga (something restful and restorative)



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