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Detox Week Meal Plan

Have you been splurging too often and feel tired, puffy, and just "full of junk?"


This meal plan will kickstart healthy eating habits!  


It is loaded with fruits and vegetables to cleanse your body and push out the gunk while providing plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support your workouts!


It is the perfect reboot to help you detox without feeling like you're starving!


Please use this as a guide.


If you have food allergies/intolerances, you'll have to make some substitutions:  


If you hate beans (or don't digest them well: try Bean-o)


use 3 oz of lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish).


 If you need more food, increase the portions slightly (3/4-1 cup rice/quinoa; larger sweet potato).


You should not feel like you are starving!  


It may take a little tweaking, but make this work for you!  


Track your calories using MyFitnessPal or another app of your choice.  


Aim for about a 500-calorie deficit.  That will set you up for success!


Meal Prep:

Smoothie Packs

Oatmeal Jars

Rice-Bean-Veggie Containers/Jars

Sweet Potato-Bean-Veggie Containers/Jars

Quinoa-Bean-Veggie Containers/Jars


Printable PDF 


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