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Water Bottle Workout (Arms 2)

You can ALWAYS get an amazing workout by simply using what is readily available around you!

Like Water Bottles!!  Who knew???

This workout is going to strengthen and tone your arms to get those envious long, lean arm muscles.

Yes!  You!  You can have them too!

You will need to really squeeze your muscles and keep your shoulder blades back and down.  As you do this, you'll really feel your muscles engage and it will allow those water bottles to work their magic!

Printable PDF

You'll Need:

2 Water Bottles (or soup cans)

Interval Timer set for repeating 30-second intervals

Mat (opt)

The Workout:

Warm-up:  30 seconds each


Slow Oblique Mountain Climbers

Plank Hip Dips

Right Plank Reach-Through

Left Plank Reach-Through

Plank Sliders

Circuit 1: Perform 2 times, 30 seconds each exercise

Supermans w/ Reach & Row

5-Count Rows

5-Count Reverse Flys

Football Scramble Push-ups

Lying Chest Press & Fly + Hip Raises

Ballet Squat + Upright Row

Skiers (side-side hops)

Circuit 2:  Perform 2 times, 30 seconds each exercise

Triplane Shoulder Raises w/ Toe Tapbacks

Hammer Curls

Tricep Kickbacks

Jumping Jacks

Shoulder Press

Bicep Curl + High Curl

Overhead Tricep Press w/ Side Toe Taps

Pendulum Hopscotch

Cool Down:  20 seconds each

Arm Swings and Hold

Forward Arm Circles

Backward Arm Circles

Right Tricep Stretch

Left Tricep Stretch

Behind the Back Arm Raise

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