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Sevens Workout #5

I loooove this workout!


It's not so bad on the way down, but working it up backwards is KILLER!


You'll work up a sweat and burn off a lot of calories as you perform these functional movements.  All the exercises utilize multiple muscle groups, so you get a full-body weight and cardio workout simultaneously!


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7’s Protocol

Round 1: Exercises1-2

Round 2: Exercises1-3

Round 3: Exercises 1-4

Round 4: Exercises 1-5

Round 5: Exercises 1-6

Round 6: Exercises 1-7

<<1-2 Minute BREAK!!>>

Then repeat the entire sequence working backwards!



Basic Mat Pilates Routine


The Workout:

30 sec Mat Hops

10 Single Leg Lunge w/ Upright Row (each leg)

12 Halo Slams

12 Walking Push-ups

12 Woodchops (each side)

12 Weight Drop + Burpee + Tuck Jump

30 sec Mountain Climbers

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