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1000 Rep Workout #2

I love a good, hard workout that challenges me both mentally and physically.  This one fits the bill perfectly!!



















You'll work up a sweat and fatigue your muscles, so DIG DEEP!

Choose a level and try to stick with it.

But don't be ashamed to drop down a level and do more rounds with fewer reps.


Printable PDF



You'll Need:


Jump Rope

Medicine Ball or Weight

Dumbbells or Resistance Bands


Beginner: 5 x 10/100 (5 sets of 10 reps; 100 jump ropes per set)

Intermediate: 1 x 10/100 + 2 x 20/200

Advanced: 2 x 25/250

Ultra: 1 x 50/500


Be sure to start a stopwatch/timer and record your time in your Fitness Journal or on the PDF if you printed it out.  

Write the date so you can compare times when you do this in the future!


Warm-up: 10 Minute Plank-a-licious Abs Routine

50-sec High Plank w/ Alt Shoulder Taps

rest 10 sec

50-sec Low Plank with Knee Dips

rest 10 sec

50-sec Roll-up + V-up; rest 10 sec

rest 10 sec; Repeat 2 more times!

1 min Plank Up-Downs


The Workout

50 Around the World

50 Froggies

50 each leg Bench Tricep Dips with Kickout

50 Goblet Squats

50 each side Skaters

50 each side Tri-Plane Shoulder Raise with Calf Raises

50 sets 4 High Knees + 1 Tuck Jump

50 each side Spidermans (with push-up opt)

50 each side Wide Plie Squat with Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Twist

50 Plank to Squat (Hallelujah's)

500 Jump Ropes


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