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Workout Plan: May 20-27

May is the new December! Oh my heavens!! This has been such a crazy busy month as school is coming to a close. Fortunately, this is the last week of school, which I am both excited about and nervous about. I cannot wait until all of the busyness is over. But I'm not really ready to have my kids home 24/7...

I look forward to my workout group every day. It's my little piece of social time. And sanity amidst all the crazy! I'll let you all in on why it's been so crazy-- early on in the school year I became the PTO President at my kids' school. That was NOT planned and just kind of happened... I haven't ever served in the PTO there, so leaping into that position has been a baptism by fire. And I am definitely in the fire right now! I've been working hard to organize the end of year 5k/Color Run. It's going to be awesome, but it is A LOT of work!!!

I can't say I've been handling it very well. I have been eating totally out of control. Like bingeing on sugar. LOTS of sugar. In any form. It's been pretty bad and it's been making me feel sick most days... I know better. I know I can be better. Every day I resolve to do better, but then I grab whatever is around. Maybe by putting this out there I will be more inclined to reign in the crazy eating. I'm now accountable to all of you. (The whole 2 or 3 who actually read this... LOL!) Nevertheless, I am accountable. I have my meals prepped in the fridge for tomorrow. At eye level. And I've removed everything that could possible be tempting.

So there ya go. Totally open and honest. But I'm back on track this week. Every day is a new beginning. We get to choose our future and I refuse to be a victim of the craziness and chaos. I can rise above it. And so can you. I hope by sharing this that you all can have more hope. You are in the driver's seat of your life. Choose to eat foods that nourish you and keep you healthy. Choose to move your body every day. Even if it's just a little. Be consistent. Consistency will nudge you along the path of progression. I promise. Don't ever give up. Keep believing, keep trying, and keep working towards your goals.

Here's to a great week (and getting back on track)!!



Thursday: Torch-er 2


Saturday: 30+ minutes Activity of Choice


Sunday: Yoga


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