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Workout Plan: March 12-18

I wrote up some new workouts and am trying out a new format. We tested them last week in the gym and they turned out well. I definitely had to tweak them a bit from my original plan. That's what happens when I write up workouts while traveling on a plane or in the car!

I've included some of them into the workout plan below. I'm still working on getting videos up for them, but for now, you can see them on my Instagram page, so be sure to subscribe to @6packguineapigs for all the extra info I post on my page!



Tuesday: Tabata #11


Thursday: Sevens #10


Saturday: 30/30 Workout OR 30+ minutes Activity of Choice. Get outside if possible and enjoy the fresh air!


Sunday: Active Rest Day. Take a walk, stretch or try some Restorative Yoga.


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