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May 2-7 Workout Schedule

The workouts this week are fun, yet challenging, and you can do them ALL from the comfort of your own home with minimal (or no) equipment. If you are a beginner or are short on time, do only 1 round of each set--this will take you probably 15 minutes. That's it! If you give it your all, you'll still end up with a kick-butt workout. Use your time wisely and work(out) smart! You don't need hours in the gym. Short, intense workouts have been proven to burn calories ALL. DAY. LONG! Not just during the workout. You'll see greater fitness gains by doing short bursts of intense exercise than by trudging away on a boring treadmill or elliptical.

Keep your eating clean, meaning you eat REAL FOOD that you can easily identify. No weird chemicals, preservatives or additives. One ingredient only (the food item). Aim to eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day and drink a gallon of water throughout the day. I have 4 different Meal Plans on my website, complete with recipes if you need some structure. Try the Detox Week if you're feeling particularly sluggish or "junky" and need a kick-start/re-boot!


Tuesday: Tabata #5


Thursday: Sevens #6


Saturday: 30 minutes: Yoga, Walk, Hike, Bike, Run, Swim, etc. Get outside and do something fun!


Sunday: 30 minutes Yoga or Walking. It's your rest day. You need it and deserve it, but do something to get your body moving.



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