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Workout of the Day: Sevens #7

This workout is gonna get your heart pumping!

It's a full-on cardio session that will work you over from head to toe!

It's one of those that, when you finish, you feel AMAZING and like you can conquer the world!

I know this video is from the Tabatas, but the exercises are the same.

Just omit the ab circuit and the burpee interval.

Sevens Protocol Round 1: Exercises1-2 Round 2: Exercises1-3 Round 3: Exercises 1-4 Round 4: Exercises 1-5 Round 5: Exercises 1-6 Round 6: Exercises 1-7 <<1-2 Minute BREAK!!>> Then repeat the entire sequence working backwards!

Beginner: 6-8 reps of each exercise

Intermediate: 10 reps of each exercise

Advanced: 12 reps of each exercise and 30 seconds on 1st and last exercises

You'll Need:

Mat or some object to hop over

Bench or Chair

Medicine Ball, Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Warm-up: 10 Minute Abs Routine

50 sec Seated knee-ins

10 sec rest

50 sec Russian Twists w/ weight

10 sec rest

50 sec Full Body V's

10 sec rest; Repeat sequence 2 more times!

1 min Seated Bicycles

The Workout

12 Mat Hops (or 30 sec!)

12 Bench Squat Jumps

12 180-degree Mountain Climbers (each leg)

12 Halo Slams (each side)

12 Quad Push-ups

12 Break Dancers (each side)

30 sec Decline Bench Run (Face Melters)

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