Full Body Burnout #2

It combines lower body moves with upper body moves, as well as core stabilization, to give you an incerdible all-over workout.  ALWAYS pull in you belly button to stabilize your back and core.  Squeeze your glutes when possible and keep your movements slow and controlled.  Don't swing the weights.  That won't get you results.  Use those awesome muscles you're working so hard to develop!  It's OK to decrease the weight to achieve proper form!


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Beginner: 1-2 rounds of 8-10 reps

Intermediate: 2-3 rounds of 10-12 reps

Advanced: 4 rounds of 15 reps + Bonus Giant Set


You'll Need:

Dumbbells or Resistance Bands




Warm-up: 10-Minute Ab Routine

45 sec Seated V w/ Side-to-Side Twist (hands behind head)

rest 15 sec

45 sec Heels to Heaven (w/ Toe Reach, opt)

rest 15 sec

45 sec Straight Leg Lower-Lift

rest 15 sec; Repeat sequence 2 more times!

1 min Slow Mountain Climber Holds


The Workout:

Set 1: Perform 1-4 times in a row with no breaks

8-15 Squat w/ Biceps Curl

8-15 Side Lunge w/ Tri-Plane Shoulder Raise (total OR each side)

1 Min Cardio Interval: Jump Rope


Set 2: Perform 1-4 times in a row with no breaks

8-15 Reverse Lunge w/ Tricep Kickback (total OR each side)

8-15 Straight Leg Deadlift w/ Upright Row

1 Min Cardio Interval: Bench Up-Down Run


Set 3: Perform 1-4 times in a row with no breaks

8-15 Reverse Fly

8-15 Decline Push-ups

1 Min Cardio Interval: Single Leg Jump Rope (alt legs every 10, 15, or 30 sec)


Set 4: Perform 1-4 times in a row with no breaks

8-15 Three-Way Calf Raise

8-15 Static Wide Pliè Squat w/ Row

1 Min Cardio Interval: Bench Wide-Narrow Jumps or Runs


Bonus Giant Set: Perform 1 set of all exercises, excluding the cardio intervals


Ready for full-body strengthening and toning?  


This workout is sure to deliver!

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